Turn-key Development

Paramount’s turn-key development program includes a number of value-added features. From pre-design through “punch list,” Paramount protects its clients’ short and long-term interests by “Designing from the Inside-out,” and their pocketbook, by “Designing to a Budget.”

Critical to the timely opening of a branch, Paramount orchestrates the local entitlement process to not only secure the required approvals, but does so in a way that builds good-will and community support.

To eliminate the prospect of competing interests, Paramount employs the Construction Management delivery method, yielding our clients a Guaranteed Maximum Price and total transparency by insisting that all vendors work Open-Book.

Managing the process and communications among all team members, consultants and vendors, is critical to achieving a quality product, with a date-certain delivery, on or under-budget. The “buck stops” with Paramount, as Owner’s Representative.