Banc Realty Advisors

Fifteen years ago, Paramount Partners saw that there were few, if any, real estate advisory company’s that were truly dedicated to the banking sector, in particular community banks and credit unions. Most banks and credit unions were taken advantage of due to a lack of market knowledge and insight which is why they found themselves paying well above market rates and prices for their real estate, not to mention selecting less than desirable branch locations.

Banks and credit unions, whether they realize it or not, are in the retail business and that they should embrace many of the practices that the most successful retailers have in order to grow their business, increase market share, and improve profitability, not to mention, improving the customer experience.

Realizing the need and the opportunity, Paramount committed itself to fill this void and has worked with more banks and credit unions than any other real estate advisory firm in New England.

Paramount Partners took the time to understand the challenges banks are facing largely as a result of regulatory requirements that do not effect most other industries. One of the many advantages financial institutions have by working with Paramount is that we offer a full array of services from market analytics to turn-key development.


Current competitive factors require a financial institution’s senior management to constantly evaluate their branch portfolio much in the same way they would evaluate a loan portfolio. As banking continues to evolve, and regulators press for more stringent controls, costs have risen, and profitability for many, has languished. As a result, branching decisions require considerable thought and analysis, and given the cost of a denovo branch, community banks can ill afford to make mistakes. Because of its strategic partnership with PFT, Paramount Partners offers an analytics component second to none, which is why Paramount is the smart choice when it comes to a bank’s real estate decisions.

Site Selection & Deal Negotiation

Whether it is a single unit assignment, in-fill, or regional rollout, Paramount Partners is always committed to finding and securing locations that will out-position and out-convenience the competition, and then negotiate the most favorable purchase or lease terms. This is the value proposition we offer our clients.

Once a site that meets the client’s requirements has been identified and qualified, Paramount negotiates the most favorable price, terms and conditions.

Finding a great site and negotiating favorable terms would all be for naught if local entitlements are not obtained. Paramount fully understands not only the importance of securing the necessary approvals, but doing so in the shortest possible time because nothing “kills a deal more than time.” 

Turn-Key Development

Paramount’s turn-key development program includes a number of value-added features. From pre-design through “punch list,” Paramount protects its clients’ short and long-term interests by “Designing from the Inside-out,” and their pocketbook by “Designing to a Budget.”

Critical to the timely opening of a branch, Paramount artfully navigates the local entitlement process to not only secure the required approvals in the shortest possible timeframe, but do so in a way that builds good-will and community support.

To eliminate the prospect of competing interests to assure its clients receive the best pricing, Paramount employs the Construction Management delivery method, yielding our clients a Guaranteed Maximum Price while providing total transparency by insisting that all vendors work Open-Book.

Managing the process and communications among all team members, consultants and vendors, is critical to achieving a quality product, with a date-certain delivery, and a final cost that is on or under-budget. As an “Owner’s Representative,” the “buck stops” with Paramount Partners.

Additional Services

  • Sale/Leasebacks
  • Surplus and Foreclosed Property Dispositions
  • Retail Branch Network Realignment
  • Branch Portfolio Analysis
  • Lease Restructuring
  • Broker Opinion of Value & Highest & Best Use Analysis