Paramount Partners LLC is the #1 provider of real estate advisory and turn-key development services for financial institutions in New England.

The Massachusetts Bankers Association is pleased to partner with Paramount Partners and present their commercial real estate advisory services to you, along with a special 90-Day Offer worth more than $1,900. Paramount has a large following of satisfied MBA members―check them out below.

The Paramount team takes great pride in providing independent and unbiased real estate advice for both your new facilities and for your branches and administrative facilities that were designed and built during yesterday’s banking era.

You have more financial assets than you realize!

Paramount analyzes your outdated and unproductive properties and finds your Hidden Capital!

Our research shows that MBA member banks can anticipate five to twenty percent of the value of your premises can be redeployed or monetized to increase profitability, without negatively impacting your current operations. It’s a straightforward, creative process of making things run more efficiently. Together, we find the “highest and best use” of your corporate real estate assets.

To launch our partnership, during the initial ninety days of the Program, Paramount offers MBA members one of the services listed below, a $1,900 value at no cost or obligation:

Building and Site Audit: For branches or administrative offices that were designed and constructed during a different era in banking. Paramount will:

  • Evaluate the building’s efficiency and utilization of space and site layout
  • Recommend improvements to enhance the overall customer experience
  • Determine whether a property can be redeveloped to create additional value and reduce overhead

Branch Opportunity Summary:  An evaluation of an existing branch or potential de novo location to determine viability and upside profit potential. The 15-page Branch Opportunity Summary analysis includes:

  • Site-specific retail and business demographics
  • Scorecards analyzing critical site features
  • Competitor assessment and deposit trends

Market Audit:  Determine the viability of an existing or potential branch market from both a retail real estate and banking perspective. Paramount will:

  • Evaluate community dynamics including demographic profile and trends, key business generators, cultural, educational and institutional amenities, employment and business forecasts, consumer shopping patterns, and vehicular traffic patterns and flow.
  • Accurately delineate primary and secondary trade areas, highlighting the “daily needs” factors, displayed on maps and aerials with population density, household income and customer distribution overlays
  • Critique the presence and performance of key retailers to determine an area’s desirability.


Kevin Tierney, CEO, North Shore Bank

Paramount’s independent and unbiased approach has brought tremendous value to North Shore Bank. Paramount provided essential negotiating support for a new supermarket pad site groundlease and is acting as our owner’s representative for the branch’s planning, design, construction and fit-up. Recently they also completed space planning and general real estate consulting services for five administrative and branch facilities that reduced overhead and increased efficiency and service for our current and future customers.

Greg Derderian, CFO, BankNewport

Paramount provides outstanding support to BankNewport, both on an ongoing basis and as we plan for the future. We rely on their market and customer analytics and their unique understanding of local property issues with both owners and developers to negotiate the most advantageous on-market or off-market real estate opportunities.

Don Doyle, CEO, Webster Five Cents Savings Bank

Paramount has become a trusted advisor that has guided our organization from retail delivery planning through the physical build-out. Their core strength is commercial real estate advisory, using their street smart knowledge of markets and property owners. We have also successfully used Paramount’s administrative space planning and turn-key build-out services. They have always met budgets and exceeded our expectations.


Call Mike Purchia at 617.845.5241 or email for program specifics.